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High Quality Clear Aligners with Treatment Plans Prepared by International Experts


Our Experts

Our doctors bring over two decades of experience in Orthodontics and nearly a decade of experience in Clear Aligner treatments across Asia-Pacific and Europe, and are pioneers in the field.

Whether it’s severe crowding, complex extraction scenarios, and even delicate pediatric cases - our experts have handled it all while ensuring the highest care and satisfaction for patients.

What Sets Us Apart

Plans prepared by expert Orthodontists (not technicians)


Treated a wide range of complex cases such as severe crowding and open bite


Multiple treatment plans and options


Payment flexibility &



Fastest delivery: Treatment plans in 2 days, Aligners in 7 days and Splints in 10 days


Expertise in interceptive orthodontics (pediatric patients) using aligners

Clear Aligners Workflow


Share pictures to determine eligibility for aligner treatment



Book an Intraoral scan



Receive treatment plan in less than 48 hours



Doctor & patient approve the treatment plan



Receive aligners in less than 7 days and start the treatment


Flexible Pricing


*If the patient does not go ahead with the treatment, our Scanning & Treatment planning fees will be ₹ 1,500 

Doctors' Testimonials

Route to Smile is my go-to aligner which l have and continue to deliver to my patients. The reason it works well is not just its material but the science it is based on. It's solely designed and delivered by Orthodontists. The VSP was done by their chief orthodontist and surgeon before the surgery, and during the surgery, the fit was accurate and everything from planning to delivery is done within a very short duration of time. 

Dr Sugandha Mishra

MDS Orthodontist, Bengaluru 

Dr Sugandha Mishra.png

Patients' Testimonials

I am so glad I chose Route to Smile for my treatment! The entire process was extremely streamlined and easy. The aligners were super comfortable and the Route to Smile app made it very easy to stick to the schedule. I definitely smile a lot more now.  

Michelle Dantas



Case Studies


What are the treatment planning charges?

What happens if patient decides to not go ahead with the treatment?

Is it possible to give aligners in batches to the patient?

What are the payment terms?

Do you provide zero aligners?

What is the cost of refinement? (except unlimited plan)

What happens in case of a lost or broken aligner?

What happens in case the aligners don’t fit?

What is the cost of providing Clear Retainers?

What is the likelihood of refinements in a Clear Aligner treatment?

What is the number of refinement Aligners required?

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